Andrea Potts

Andrea Potts is a San Francisco photo producer with 20+ years experience working with some of the Bay Area’s most established photographers, agencies and clients.

Known and hired for her unflappable demeanor, consistently cheerful attitude, and diplomatic problem-solving in the most challenging of circumstances Andrea has deep roots in the industry. This allows her access to top-notch teams, extensive resources and the ability to tailor-make productions that get the most out of budgets large and small.

In response to being asked what makes a good producer, Andrea once answered “the patience of a kindergarten teacher, hearing of a bat, palate of Thomas Keller, intuition of a psychic, and the humor of the head writer of Saturday Night Live.” Andrea mastered these skills working in-house for one of San Francisco‚Äôs busiest and most successful advertising  photographers and launched a freelance career twelve years ago to share this with others needing her unique production skills.